02 / Art Direction / Vallila Interior

For 3 years I worked for one of the leading interior design companies of Finland, Vallila Interior. I worked closely with the rest of the in-house marketing team to elevate the Vallila brand to a new era, while cherishing what people traditionally love about Vallila: the combination of bold classics, urban relaxedness and unprejudiced creativity.

Photography: Kreetta Järvenpää / Styling: Selina Vienola / AD: Me

Photography & styling: Mikaela Holmberg / AD: Me

My work in Vallila consisted of graphic design and refining the stories of the home textile collections. I was often responsible for the entire process of creating brand materials, from an idea to production.

Photography: Patrick Karkkolainen & Jasmin Ketola / Styling: Me & Sissi Ehrström / AD: Me